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• Certified Remodeler (CR) - Held by Laurence Carolan

NARI Certified Remodelers (CR) are recognized as  highly experienced remodeling professionals who provide a full range of remodeling services. CRs possess expertise in a broad range of business

management and technical skill areas, identifying them as well-rounded remodeling experts capable of managing all aspects of a remodeling project.

• Master Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler (MCKBR) - Held by Robi Kirsic

NARI Master Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodelers (MCKBR) are veteran Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodelers who are recognized as leaders in the remodeling industry and have shown a dedication to the  industry through leadership within their local NARI chapter or community and a commitment to professional development and continuing education.  

• Green Certified Remodeler (GCP) - Held by Laurence Carolan

NARI Green Certified Remodeler (GCP) are recognized as experienced remodelers with skills and knowledge in all aspects of green remodeling.

• Universal Design Certified Professional (UDCP) - Held by Laurence Carolan & Robi Kirsic

NARI Universal Design Certified Professionals (UDCP) are recognized as experienced remodelers, skilled in all aspects of universal design and remodeling.