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Pacific Street

Our client just purchased 2 apartments and the renovation consisted of creating their dream home by combining them into one. Now, with a dream home comes the "dream" master bathroom. A lot of time was spent deciding the new floor plan for the apartment, to make sure everything was accounted for. To achieve the new master bathroom and full custom walk in closet: 2 existing bathrooms, a laundry room and a kitchen needed to be removed. On paper it all looked good, but the issue is how do we make the plumbing work in the new layout. Relocating plumbing fixtures in a residential building is not the easiest due to the fact that you cannot chop the concrete slab to run new drain lines. We decided to use a wall hung toilet with an in wall carrier that way the drain lines were running inside the wall. All other existing fixtures needed to be capped off and all venting needed to be relocated to connect to the main vent stack.

Once we confirmed that all plumbing would work to our new layout, the design began. We were looking for elegance in simplicity... The overall bathroom color is white. White ceilings, white walls, white tiles and then just a "High Gloss Finish" plum color vanity accent wall. The double vanity is perfect for the mornings getting ready.

The shower has a multifunction shower body. The 15" rain head, a hand held and 2 body sprays. Each can be used individually or simultaneously for the ultimate shower experience. The shower seat is made from 1 1/4 white carrara marble with no visible leg supports to make a floating seat. The niche was carved into the wall for shampoo and soap.

We improved the lighting be using Low Voltage Recessed Lights throughout and added one in the shower as well. The lights are on 3 separate zones with dimmers. For the cold winter days, we added an electric heated floor to keep the feet warm.

Speakers were installed in the ceiling which are connected with the Audio/ Visual throughout the apartment.

Pacific Street