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Eastern Parkway

The kitchen, the most important room in the home. For everyday with the family to entertaining friends. Even though they just purchased this new apartment and have never actually cooked 1 meal, they knew that the existing kitchen was all wrong. Everything needed to get renovated prior to them moving in. Besides the lime green walls, the kitchen layout just didn't work for such a large room and had all appliances on 1 elevation.

We played around with a couple of different layouts but nothing was really making sense. Until we came up with the idea to close off the existing doorway from the hallway into kitchen and relocate it. That gave us the ability to bring in some completely new ideas and configure the entire layout. Everything we did from here featured the Manhattan skyline view through the window: from prepping at the island to having lunch in the banquette seat.

We kept to the traditional design to keep the integrity of the "pre-war" building. Originally we wanted to keep all the cabinetry white but then decided to bring in some walnut elements. In which we built the island, the banquette table, floating shelves and even dressed up the existing structural columns. The cabinetry is all custom made using 3/4 plywood boxes and maple doors. All feature have soft close doors and drawers, roll out shelves.

We improved the lighting by adding low voltage recessed lights, under cabinet lights, ceiling fan and also lights inside the glass door cabinets. Each are on separate zones with dimmers.

The banquette seat serves as two functions, one side to conceal the under window radiator and the side for storage. The wire mesh front for the radiator was also used on the storage side for a uniform look.

The small hallway wall leading into kitchen from the dining room is painted with a grey chalk board paint, for "on the go" quick memo...

Eastern Parkway